RTO Regulations


Old vehicles are one of the major contributors of increasing pollution in Delhi NCR. Recently post National Green Tribunal order regarding ban on 15 year old vehicles for plying in Delhi, the concerned RTOs have stopped re-registering and fitness of such old vehicles. The Government has till date not formulated any uniform policy for such vehicles which are now 15 years old. Suddenly the impact of same will fall on many vehicle owners, as they do not know how to deal with this aged vehicle, as it is illegal to run such vehicle on road without valid renewed Registration certificate (RC).
Vehicle owners will have option to transfer / sell their vehicle in other neighboring state provided their RC is not expired, as RTO shall not give NOC once the period of 15 years of registration is complete. For selling or transferring the vehicle to other state, NOC from the RTO is necessary. There will always be risk for the Vehicle owner, if the vehicle is transferred to other state, and the same is not updated in the record of the RTO. Vehicle may be used for illegal purpose or some unauthorized activity. Know the risk of selling a car without paperwork.
To avoid above complexity, the vehicle owner can always opt for scarp of the old vehicle. Scrap of old vehicle which is 15 years old, is one of the safest and peaceful option for the vehicle owner. Scrapping of the vehicle ensures that the vehicle does not exist any more, it is cut into pieces, chassis no. is taken out after cutting the metal sheet, scrap is recycled. The vehicle owner needs to approach the Authorized Scrap dealers for scrapping of their vehicle, who shall ensure that the vehicle is safely scrapped without impacting the environment.
It is important for the vehicle owner to approach the RTO and inform about scrap of the vehicle and opt for deregistration of the vehicle.

Following rules of RTO need to be taken care of while opting for scrap & de-registration of the vehicle

• The Vehicle owner need to write a letter to the concerned RTO about scrap of the vehicle.

• Vehicle owner shall have to surrender the original RC of the vehicle, along with cut out metal sheet portion of the scrapped vehicle chasis no. to the RTO for their record.

• An affidavit by the Vehicle owner is also required to be deposited with the application for scrap & de-registration. Affidavit shall mention that the vehicle is free from all sort of lien / mortgage / charge / theft case / insurance claims / third party claims or any pending case in any court.

• RTO shall verify the documents and process the same after getting due diligence reports for the concerned vehicle from NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau), Traffic police for any pending challans. RTO also verifying the same from the records maintained in RTO office regarding any sale / purchase updation of the said vehicle. In case the report is found satisfactory, the vehicle is de-registered from the record of the RTO. By this way the vehicle owner feels satisfied that the vehicle do no more exist in the record of the RTO and he gains a peace of mind.

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