Old vehicles are one of the major contributors of increasing pollution in Delhi NCR. Recently post National Green Tribunal order regarding ban on 15 year old vehicles for plying in Delhi, the concerned RTOs have stopped re-registering and fitness of such old vehicles. The Government has till date not formulated any uniform policy for such vehicles which are now 15 years old. Suddenly the impact of same will fall on many vehicle owners, as they do not know how to deal with this aged vehicle, as it is illegal to run such vehicle on road without valid renewed Registration certificate (RC).

Vehicle owners will have option to transfer / sell their vehicle in other neighboring state provided their RC is not expired, as RTO shall not give NOC once the period of 15 years of registration is complete. For selling or transferring the vehicle to other state, NOC from the RTO is necessary. There will always be risk for the Vehicle owner, if the vehicle is transferred to other state, and the same is not updated in the record of the RTO. Vehicle may be used for illegal purpose or some unauthorized activity. Know the risk of selling a car without paperwork. To avoid above complexity, the vehicle owner can always opt for scarp of the old vehicle. Scrap of old vehicle which is 15 years old, is one of the safest and peaceful option for the vehicle owner. Scrapping of the vehicle ensures that the vehicle does not exist any more, it is cut into pieces, chassis no. is taken out after cutting the metal sheet, scrap is recycled.

Car RC cancellation is a legal process where vehicle is considered scrapped and car is officially considered in no longer existence or registered to anyone. RC deregistration is done by State RTO and rules and fee vary from state to state. Registration and Cancellation of RC comes under jurisdiction of State government. In almost all state, it is done by same authority or RTO, where vehicle was initially registered.

Procedure for deregistration/RC cancellation
• Car is Scrapped with a car scrap dealer. Car chassis is also scrapped and chassis number is taken out by cutting metal. This is to be submitted with RTO as a proof of car being scrapped.
• An affidavit is made by owner that car is being scrapped. If you opt to get deregistered through Cars2Scrap, we will get affidavit for you.
• If car RC is lost then NC (Non Cognizable) report copy might also be required, this depends on RTO.
• All car documents like insurance, RC are submitted to RTO where car was registered.
• RTO deregisters the car, generally no certificate is issued, same can be obtained using an RTI.

• Current price of scrap Iron, Lead and copper. The price varies from Rs. 12 per Kg to Rs. 30 per kg.
• Location
• Running or Standing
• Model and Year. Is the model currently running?
• Demand and Usability of used car parts.
• Availability of AC in car.
• Usability of tyres/wheels, bumpers etc.
• Body weight.
• Fuel type: Diesel, Petrol, CNG.

It is common to resale a car to second hand or even third hand owner. Car ownership transfer is a time consuming process. This leads to avoid of paper work while selling a car. But selling a car without paper work is risky as explained below. Also see (is it safe to sell your car to any Mayapuri scrap Dealer)

• New owner can use it in illegal way or for criminal activities, the actual owner may be considered involved in illegal or criminal activity.
• New owner is a trustworthy person but s/he further sells or lends the car to someone who uses it illegally. This is a common case, specially when a car is sold to a person with rural background. As it is quite common in rural India to lend or even sell a car without paperwork.
• All the challan will still reach your home. Challan are always send to RC address. And legal responsibility of paying the challan will still lie with you.
• You will be directly contacted by law enforcement bodies for questioning for misuse. Like when police investigates crime involving any motor vehicle, the owner is the first person questioned and treated like a suspect.
• You need to get involved in insurance claim/accidental claims. As insurance claim requiring signing papers. The owner may also be contacted by insurance surveying agency for questioning regarding the claim. Also insurance policy is not valid as per terms mentioned in insurance. Only third party insurance will be considered valid and validity of comprehensive insurance will be void.
• The original owner will be responsible for third party loss in case of insurance is expired. It is common for third party victims of accidental loss to claim loss and other compensation. Owner will be liable for these claims.


Why You Should Sell a car for scrap?

• You are handed over an assurance note that car will not be used for running on road and it will be scrapped.
• Chassis number is cut out from car and handed over to you or to RTO for cancellation of your RC.
• You should also ensure that your car is actually scrapped, in case of resale of whole car the RC must be transferred.
• Also ensure car scrap dealer is giving you competitive price for your scrap car. Check our prices for scrap car.



For owner of cars older than 15 years, there is uncertainty about future of the car. Once the RC get expired, it is illegal to run the car on road. The RC can be renewed for short period of time by paying additional Road Tax and Fitness test. RC renewal process varies from state to state. However in most of cases it is not worth to get the car RC renewed and it is good to Scrap and get car recycled. A car scrapped must also be deregistered (RC cancelled from RTO).


Need Of Cars2Scrap?

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